Dominique DuVernay was born in New Orleans, La to a single mother and  absentee father. This Aries/Taurean is one of few authentic New Orleans Creoles left as she is part African American, French, Native American, & Italian. She is simply a rare mixture all across the board from her unique ethnic composition to her "holiday" of a birthday “"4-20"”, which lands her on an extremely rare zodiac cusp that among other things, contributes to her being quite the interesting person.  


At the age of 7, she, her mother, and her 3 month old sister moved to Oakland, Ca via Greyhound bus with only $200 to their names. Upon arrival, they lived in various women’s shelters throughout California'’s Bay Area. Over the next 8 years, she and her family moved back and forth between a number of cities in both California and Louisiana including, Berkley, Oakland, San Leandro, New Orleans, Metairie, Gretna, and many wards and areas among them. She and her family moved around nearly every 6 months, never longer than 1 year in any given place. In 2005, a mere 7 months after moving back to New Orleans from San Leandro, Ca, Hurricane Katrina forced her and her family to move to Prairieville, La and later Chalmette, La. She and her family were able to move back to New Orleans in late 2006. Due to the constant relocating her entire life, Dominique has attended a whopping total of 23 schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade. 


In the 9th grade, at age 14, Dominique got a large role in her first play and absolutely loved it. The play was for Victory Outreach church in Oakland, Ca that boasted an audience of roughly 400 people every night. Not bad for a church play. This is what led her to join her high school’s drama club in 10th grade and land a lead role in her school’s play that she’d never get to perform due to once again relocating. Upon graduating high school with honors in 2007, Dominique chose to seriously pursue becoming a professional actress. She started out taking acting classes with various coaches in the New Orleans community and soon began working in a number of micro budget independent films, shorts, and student films along with dancing and modeling in music videos for artists such as Sheryl Crow, Juvenile, and B.G. She hit a milestone in 2008 when she landed principal roles in 2 sketches of the never to be released “"Mike Epps Comedy Show".” Upon becoming pregnant in 2009, she took a little over a year break from pursuing her career to focus on her baby and college. In mid  2010, with the immense support of her mother, she decided to continue pursuing her career and despite the negative predictions of others, her career began to soar higher and faster than ever before. 


In June, 2010 she landed her first principal role in a feature film that led her to film in Wilmington, NC. The film is called "“Bolden!“ which has finally been released in May of 2019 but sadly, has been refilmed several times since she first worked on it. Still, she'll never forget her first time being flown out of state to work an acting job. Her next role would be her biggest and most exciting to actually come to fruition at that time. She landed a role on the 4th season of the wildly popular hit BET television series “"The Game"”. She appeared as “Sheila Flores”, the ditsy yet spicy replacement assistant to one of the show‘s leading characters, “Malik Wright“.  From there, things only got better. In 2011 she landed a principal role in a national commercial in honor of the Martin Luther King monument. The commercial is sponsored by Chevrolet. She also landed a role in the film “"Freelancers”" starring 50 Cent, Robert De Niro, and Forest Whitaker. Fun fact: She auditioned for both Freelancers and the Chevrolet commercial back to back on the same day and booked them both. She was tremendously honored to act in scenes alongside the ranks of Oscar winner Forest Whitaker and hip hop mogul 50 Cent. She again plays a feisty, mouthy Latina character. She can also be found in the 2014 film "Could This Be Love" alongside Drew Sidora, Romeo Miller, and Thomas Mikal Ford as well as the 2015 film "A Girl Like Grace" staring such heavy weights as Ryan Destiny, Raven-Symone, Meagan Good, Garcelle Beauvais, and former co-star Romeo Miller. 

In August of 2014, Dominique welcomed the birth of her second daughter and once again took a haitus, this time for a few years in order to focus on her children and eventually rebranding and restrategizing as things began to look bleek for the then 25 year old mother of two who began to doubt she'd ever even get her "big break." Upon re-emerging and refocusing her energy, in 2017 Dominique landed a role as nun, Sister Carissa in the Emmy nominated UMC series "Bronx SIU" starring Brian J. White and Shanti Lowry. That same year, she also scored a role in the upcoming star studded film "Cut Throat City." It is directed by Wu Tang Clan's RZA and boasts a cast comprised of Terrance Howard, Wesley Snipes, T.I, Demetrius Shipp Jr, and Shameik Moore just to name a few. These bookings reignited her flame and gave her the confidence to re-attack her goals from a whole new angle. Dominique went into 2018 with the focus of rebranding herself and putting her true, unfiltered self out there for the world to feast on. This time through comedy. Comedy was always her underlying passion but she held that side of herself back mainly due to insecurity which was further perpetuated by type casting. She was never given the opportunity to display these talents. So she decided to take the bull by the horns and make people see what previously, no one had any idea was there. She began creating and acting in self produced, directed, and edited comedy skits on instagram which seemingly overnight grew her audience from a mere 3k followers to now over 20k and counting. Her intellect shines through her humor and well crafted characters which are sometimes men, the elderly, and people of all sorts of races and accents as Dominique has had a talent for catching on to nearly any accent imaginable since childhood. With the looks of a model, skills of an actress, and humor/intellect of a comedienne, she wishes to now create a lane all her own and aspires to one day have her own show along the lines of Tracey Ullman's hit HBO seires "Tracey Takes On."

Dominique has a number of projects in the works for 2019. Among them being her most exciting role to date which is her very first series regular role on the upcoming UMC series "A House Divided." She plays the role of Brittany the maid and the show stars Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Paula Jai Parker, and Demetria McKinney. Dominique can also be found on the third season of TNT's "Claws" as well. She will also continue to hone her comedy craft and belt out bigger and better skits and comedic commentary almost daily. What can't this super mom do?

Dominique DuVernay plans to continue riding her current wave of success into a very flourishing acting career. She has her sights set on becoming a household name and internationally recognized face by becoming an undeniable force in the world of entertainment. She aspires to be a positive role model and testimony that dreams do come true with hard work, PERSEVERANCE, and faith. Dominique accredits 100% of her success to having a very supportive mother who always stressed the importance of God’s presence in their lives. Without Him, they would have never made it through and out of the tough and unstable circumstances that plagued them for so many years. God has also blessed her with the ability to have the best of both worlds in that she is able to enjoy motherhood without having to give up or compromise her goals as an actress in the slightest. He has provided her with a loving mother and sister who baby sit for every single audition and class Dominique has and every job she books, no matter how long the job keeps her away from home. These are all things she does not take for granted and these are the things that will insure nothing but success in her life and provide her with the means to achieve anything she may set out to do.